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What my Clients Say


I have worked with outstanding individuals to help them grow and perform at their highest level.  

CV and profile writing for a highly regarded governance expert

Excellent, I sourced Ian for a high-level CV restructure, and he was a perfect choice.

Nicola PA  - March 2023

Career transition

A fantastic coach and a great person. I have worked with Ian over the last 5-years. In that time, I have developed my leadership abilities, which have improved my performance in my job and, more importantly, my love for what I do or, should I say, did. Ian has helped me transition into a new career in higher education/lecturing. I am very happy. Thank you

Georgina Kennedy - Academic and business owner March 2023

Executive Coaching

Executive Coaching

I interviewed four coaches, choosing Ian because he is authentic, smart and hit the nail on the head in regard to the challenges my business is experiencing. Very happy to make this recommendation

Simon Gray N.E.D - Dec 2022 

Executive Coaching

My business and life had been operating as one, with no balance and a loss of why am I doing this. I was recommended Ian by a former client of his, Sceptical. I agreed to have an initial chat. Probably one of the most important phone calls I will have. Thank you, Ian.

Hollie  - Group MD - human capital January 2023

Leadership Transformation

In business, you expect challenges. Covid was a disaster for our organisation. Needing to refocus and adjust to a new consumer climate, we decided to engage Ian to coach our exec team. Two clear objectives, refocus our energies and ensure we work on the priorities. These being our people. Ian was a revelation that helped us be brave and take the right steps.

Catherine C - Managing Director - Technology 09 Feb 2022


Expert Coach

Ian’s guidance is always carefully considered and insightful and draws on a wealth of experience. After working with him for several months, I have been consistently impressed by his professionalism, commitment, and generosity. His input has been invaluable in my professional development, and has led me to clarify my priorities and ambitions and better understand my strengths. I am demonstrably more engaged, more confident and more able in my role as a direct result of Ian’s coaching.

Dr Martin Mansfield - PHd  - computer scientist and business leader 24 May 2022


Executive development

In a relatively short period of time, Ian has given me the tools and confidence to take my career to the next level. I am sure he knows me better than I know myself!

Kevin - Board Director - Health Care 07 Oct 2021

Powerful insight

Ian is a fantastic coach and has been absolutely invaluable. Sometimes you just can't see the wood for all the trees and this is where Ian's skills and experience come into play. His ability to listen through all the noise and tap into the root cause of things is very powerful. Ian has really helped me to push forward through some tough barriers - thank you for all your support Ian.

Richard - Business Owner 10 May 2022

Builds confidence to tackle new and challenging situations

My job is to work with newly acquired customers to ensure successful technology integrations and to manage the technical relationships. When the lockdown came along I was asked to lead on new business development for our European territory. I’m a technology geek so this felt quite overwhelming. I was referred to Ian through an ex-colleague. We talked through the requirement, Ian made me feel comfortable and as we worked through the ‘How I was going to do this’, my confidence grew to the point where I was actually looking forward to it. Several months have passed and I am very happy and very grateful. Big shout out to Ian! Nick - Customer Engagement Director


Better communication and leadership skills have benefitted me and my team

I engaged Ian Wilson to develop my communication skills, very happy with the sessions. I have my style - it feels authentic, my team seem to appreciate it. I had another three sessions to work on leadership skills specifically understanding team dynamics and coaching. As I start to get more competent, I can see the benefits for me and my immediate reports. Thank you Ian. Susan Ferguson – Operations Manager

Confidence to start my own company

As a result of working with Ian, I started my own company. Some have said  that the entrepreneur within was ignited by Ian’s coaching. I have no doubt it was entirely Ian’s efforts. Joshua Bannister - Director


Excellent coach

An excellent coach who I am happy to have as a contact if any other challenging times in my career arrive. Joshua Bannister - Entrepreneur

Fresh ideas and opportunities

Ian Wilson is highly intelligent and focused, with uncommon capacity for details. I have been privileged to work with him. Every moment with him opens fresh ideas and opportunities. Michael Owhoko - Journalist, Author and Publisher


Fantastic at motivating to get results quickly

Ian is highly engaging and has the patience of a saint. Fantastic at building momentum and motivating, getting results quickly. Fluent in presenting and a sensitive coach. Great at pulling out the awesomeness that lurks within us all. Sam Riley - Manager, Royal Mail Group

Game changer for transformation

Ian is an excellent motivator and coach. He is able to get you to do things you know you should be doing. Ian is energetic and enthusiastic, coupled with a quick mind. He is a game changer for those who need to make a transformation. Scott Parker - Retail Sales Manager


Remarkable insight

I was stuck at a career plateau - between gigs and questioning my ability. Ian Wilson was an incredible help, stripping back my CV and my public offering to really understand what I was good at, what I enjoyed doing and what I wanted to achieve from my next career move. Ian showed remarkable insight, helping to build me up and quash the self-doubt, and skillfully but sensitively providing me with the kick up the butt when I needed it! He provided help in developing leads and doing the necessary preparation and research when the interviews came. His interview coaching was excellent. I had a very positive experience working with Ian and have no hesitation in recommending him. Graeme Holt - Director and Business Owner 


Creative and win-win approach

Ian's strengths are his ability to forward plan and see changes in the market prior to them happening. He is creative and from a leadership coaching prospective he is able to gain the very best from a team. He understands individuals well and tailors his style to gain a win-win situation for all parties. Ian isn't just your typical professional, he genuinely cares and understands his market exceptionally well. He is consultative and anyone that has dealt with him has only good things to say. Trevor Lee - Managing Director


High quality solutions and deep insight

I hired Ian to work on highly sensitive and confidential projects for a number of our clients. Ian provided a high level of service presenting high quality solutions and a deep insight into current and future opportunities for this business. I have no hesitation in recommending his work. David Tully - Business Owner and Chief Executive, IMR


Integrity and a true desire to help

This industry is full of people whose job it is to communicate effectively, convince others, push and guide. It is sometimes hard to discern between quality service providers. Ian is one of those rare people who systematically manages to stand out as being able to provide the customary excellent, professional service, but significantly, with integrity and a true desire to help companies make the right decisions for their business. I also like that Ian goes that extra mile, exceeding expectations. Finding like-minded partners is critical to our growth and development. Richard Bradford – MD


Innovative and trustworthy

Ian is highly creative, innovative, trustworthy and always delivers results. He has been an inspiration and a pleasure to work with. Tom Toolan


He helped me transition into my new career

I hired Ian as I was stuck both professionally and in my personal life. I was a senior exec in a large finance business but I had lost my motivation. Ian listened and we developed a strong picture of what I really wanted to do. He then created a programme and took me online which started my transition into my new career. I now work in the voluntary sector, less money considerably happier. My marriage was saved. Thank you Ian. Harry Smith - CXO


A true professional with empathy

Ian is a pleasure to work with, he is truly professional and has so much empathy in helping you find the right career and making sure you get the best chance at achieving success. Ian's coaching helped me achieve the job I would have only dreamed about, and I smashed the selection process thanks to Ian. Caroline Morris

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