Hi, I'm Ian.

I work with managers of people and teams to transform and enhance their leadership abilities.

I also focus on personal branding and career management with my clients. The coaching I do often also leads to working with aspects of my clients' private lives.

My goal is to create long lasting positive change.

You're in the right place if you...

  • Are in a management position or own your own business

  • Are new to managing and leading

  • Want to get the best from your team and make team management your priority

  • Are ambitious and motivated and looking to maximise your career potential 

  • Are committed to Continuing Professional Development

  • Lack confidence in your current performance

  • Need to develop your communication and social skills 

  • Have identified or want to identify skills gaps in your professional or private world

  • Are struggling during these stressful times and need tools and strategies to support your performance

Leadership is a learnt skill. It requires personal investment and an understanding of yourself and the ability to understand those you lead.


Coaching is a game changer.

Are you ready to commit to change?